About Us

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but  people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou.

The Healing Hut offers a wide range of services specializing in full body waxing, therapeutic and clinical skin care, including craft chemical peels, derma planing, microdermabrasion, micro-needling and facial cupping, microblading, and hand and foot therapy including natural nail manicures and waterless reflexology pedicures.  We carry a vast range of exclusive cutting edge product lines, to meet the needs of each guest.

We have been based in Spokane since 2011, and are proud to serve the community with customized legendary service tailored to meet and exceed all guest expectations.

It is our passion to connect with our guests and create an exceptional experience at each visit, by striving to consistently deliver 5 star guest service. We take pride in cultivating a culture of creativity, excellence, professionalism, authenticity and wellness.

The Healing Hut Vision:

At The Healing Hut, we aim to deliver a legendary service and an exceptional experience at every visit, that
is designed to restore one’s health, allowing our guests to relax, release and heal by consistently:

H elping motivate each other to achieve our goals
E volving as individuals and as a company while elevating our standards of customer service
A dvancing education on all levels
oving and having a passion for our craft and the services we provide for our guests
I nnovating through new product and services
N ever settling for less than 5 star excellance
G oing above and beyond guest expectations and giving back to our community

We are devoted to providing an atmosphere where one can escape to a realm of wellness, relaxation, strength,
inner balance and peace.
We take pride in cultivating a culture of heart driven, passionate entrepreneurs.
We celebrate a vibe of diversity, laughter and family.
We take refuge in a space that delights and enlivens minds and opens doors for education, resources and
leadership for continuous personal development.
We believe in empowering the lives of others with endless possibilities.
If you have health, you have life.  If you have life, you have limitless opportunities.

The Healing Hut Mission:

It is our highest mission to consistently deliver an unmatched level of 5 Star high quality excellent service and skill found nowhere else in the area. It is of our volition to push the boundaries of beauty with exceptional service and extraordinary products. It is our goal to provide a unique, unforgettable and gratifying experience while meeting and exceeding guest expectations. Our intent is to leave an indelible mark of authenticity with each guest.

The Healing Hut Values:

Creativity. Communication. Integrity. Education. Wellness. Excellence. Relationships. Professionalism.
Courage. Diversity. Honesty. Teamwork. Family. Respect. Positivity. Authenticity. Legendary Service. Value.