Craft Lira Clinical Peel $100

Lira Clinical Peel w/ Skintuition Facial $159

Lira Clinical Peels

Suitable for both men and women, all skin types and conditions.  Chemical peel treatments vary in strength.  Ranging from Level 1 (superficial) and Level 2 (mid-epidermal) and Level 3 (moderate depth) requiring a pre-peel conditioning.  Skin peeling is fantastic for resurfacing and brightening the skin OR as part of a series for a corrective program to address skin concerns.

Vita Brite Refresh with PSC

Treats fine lines and wrinkles, dry/dehydrated skin and photo damage/pigmentation.  Brightens, lightens and rejuvenates the skin with ascorbic acid, orange plan stem cell and bearberry extract.

Pumpkin Plus Definer Refresh with PSC

Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, smooths skin texture and tone with pumpkin enzymes, stimulates the fibroblasts, and rejuvenates the skin.