“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Loni has done wonders with my skin.  I see her for everything – mani pedis, waxing, and anti-aging facials and skincare.  It is a wonderful relaxing spa like experience.  She has great recommendations, she always is researching new and innovative products, and her pricing is competitive.  When I go regularly, my skin looks younger, feels soft, and I feel beautiful.  When I don’t go regularly, I can visually see a difference in my skin.  It ages more rapidly on me!

Loni is simply a talented skincare artist and her products and treatments are among some of the best I have ever experienced.

Thank you Loni for your talent and skill.  I look and feel better without having to do any invasive surgery!


My son, Andrew, was struggling with acne at the young age of 12.  It became really bad at 13.  I had purchased over the counter acne skin care for him but it wasn’t working.  Also, he was putting a halfhearted attempt into taking care of his skin.  I decided to take him to a dermatologist for help because his skin was looking so bad and I was worried about acne scarring.  They started him on a topical regiment.  Three months later we still weren’t seeing any results.  Again, he wasn’t using the product regularly.  The dermatologist put him on a prescription.  When Andrew would take it regularly there would be a slight difference.  BUT, Andrew didn’t take it regularly because it made him sick to his stomach.

Finally, I decided to see if Loni could help.  She had done wonders for my own aging skin.  My other children gave me grief for taking Andrew to have facials . . . until they saw how great his skin looked in such a short time after seeing Loni.  She takes skincare seriously and you can tell by how great Andrew looks today.  It is a dramatic difference.  Not only does Loni have a clear understanding of skin, she knows how to motivate a young man to make sure he does his skincare regiment both morning and night without fail.  She exceeded all of my expectations in helping my son to understand the importance of good skincare, getting him to do it every day, and choosing facial treatments that have effectively cleared up his skin.

She is an amazing facial artist!  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Andrews Mom,


I have struggled with breakouts on my back for a number of years, some involving quite painful swellings and boils.  As a result, there has been considerable scarring of the back as well.  I went to several dermatologists who were, candidly, unhelpful and whose approaches did not address the problem.  I decided instead to research aestheticians in the area and found The Healing Hut close to the Globe Tavern.  The proprietor, Loni, has been incredibly helpful and recommended a course of treatment involving bio-active peels.  The healing that has occurred over the several years that I have visited Loni has been amazing and I recommend her to anyone who wants a true, skilled professional to work with them on skin care of all types.  Thank you, Loni for helping my skin improve!

Thayne – President, Gonzaga University

One of the best experiences I have had in a long time! I am hooked! Thank you Loni!
– Mary Herrera-Cruz

 Wonderful experience. From the facial to the manicure & pedicure it was bliss.
– Jackie Powell

 Just what I needed – The experience was wonderful, I feel great! Thanks Loni!
– Stephanie Featherstone

 I loved everything about it. Especially the massage and wonderful smells. The combo was a plus!
Thanks. – Laurel Kays

 I only came in for a mani-pedi, and believe it or not, I felt like I had died and went to heaven! Loni made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, it was awesome in everything she did. I will pass the word around, how wonderful she is and how good her work is. I can’t wait to show her work off! Totally Satisfied! – Tammy Hufford

 Truly wonderful! So relaxing. The facial, manicure, pedicure and scents were just out of this world. I will be back to see Loni once a month from Houston TX! – Mary Ramsey Jones September 2008 I’m visiting from Houston TX, and now I’m feeling so relaxed: I enjoyed the facial, especially the parrafin and pedicure. Loni was excellent and her customer service was the best!
– Dr. Sabrina Elliott, Houston TX September 2008

 Just excellent, I loved the facial so much, it was just what I needed to run from “Ike” (Houston Hurricane), he ran me into your arms. Thanks. – Gift September 2008

 Loni you are great. If I could have another daughter I would pick you! The service was fantastic.
– Beth September 2008

 I enjoyed the reflexology so much. Thank You!
– Marie Dahmer September 2008

 Excellent experience!! Thanks much!
– Ann Dodson September 2008

 It was the most incredible spa experience I have ever had.
-Linda Spires

 Way more than I expected! What a relaxing hour! I WILL be back -SOON!
Thank you so much! – Michelle Barr October 2008

 A wonderful experience. I am so relaxed and refreshed. The best experience I have had and it was only a pedicure. Can’t wait to have more things done. – Peggy Taylor November 2008

 Loni, your grace and healing touch has made all the difference in my skin and the way I feel as I prepare for my wedding day. Thank you so much. – Barbara Orr
November 2008

 After many years of not taking such good care of myself, I am on a mission of self-care. Loni is a gracious and professional woman helping me achieve that level of care! Thanks for your experience and your caring ways. – Cheryl Earp December 2008

 Wow, what a great experience – I am not the same person I was when I came in! Totally relaxed and less stressed… ready for what comes next! Thanks for doing what you do and sharing your gift with Georgetown. – Carol Woods December 2008

 Loni, you do an excellent job of making me feel relaxed and at home. You are very, very gifted. Thank you so much for your services. – Zylivia Park December 2008

 12/21/15 – All staff were genuinely polite and welcoming

 12/4/15 – Loni you are extremely caring and sensitive.

 9/6/15 – Great experience. Amazing facial!

 8/19/15 – Thanks lady <3 you’re great! I feel amazing and so relaxed.

 5/26/15 – My facial was heavenly , made by day so much better!

 5/4/15 – Great service and location

 Loni and the Healing Hut is amazing! I’ve been going to Loni for waxing, pedi’s, mani’s and now facials for about 3 yrs now. I hate to say that I haven’t been faithful and I ALWAYS regret it! She is very knowledgeable, professional, experienced as well as very beautiful! She makes every experience comfortable and I feel like a princess. I am now a loyal customer.
– Lola Jimenez Cole 1/6/16

 The Healing Hut is wonderful. Professional, convenient, well-priced. Loni always makes me feel so good whenever I go for an appt. She is a beam of light. Plus, her facials are outstanding– the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time and my face feels amazing!
– Lisa Silvestri 1/1/16

 Kaylen McRae reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
January 12, 2015 •
I have had two Shellac Manicures by Lani and she does an outstanding job. Plus I love the feel of being completely pampered in a relaxing spa experience. The best I have had and the longest lasting! I would highly recommend her and I look forward to future appointments with her and my first waxing experience!

 Phaedra Hansen reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
May 27, 2014 •
First time client today, and I was a little nervous going to someone new for my waxing needs. All I can say is WOW. Loni was great, the service went WAY faster than I am used to, and it didn’t hurt as bad as I expected. Seriously so grateful I found this place! Repeat client for sure!!

 April Benson Bell reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
January 14, 2015 •
Hands down the best mani/pedi experience I have had. I loved being pampered in such a relaxing, peaceful environment. A bonus was having my brows waxed. They look amazing! I will definitely be back again. Thank you so much Loni!

 Nichole Renee Sisk reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
December 30, 2013 •
Excellent service! I was very nervous walking in but left feeling completely comfortable and taken care of! Very professional and quick excellent work. I will return! The environment is beautiful as well. Thank you!

 Gina Sotolongo reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
July 17, 2014 •
Loni made an awkward situation feel comfortable. She is extremely friendly and professional, and her relaxed demeanor puts you at ease. The room has a very relaxing atmosphere, dim lights, and a towel for your discretion. I’ve only had one brazilian wax to compare it to but this experience was 100X better then the last. Not only did it take half the time(14 minutes), but it was almost painless.. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would 100% recommend Loni if you are interested in waxing services. Thank you Loni! I will definitely book with you again!

 Kelsey Janine reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
August 14, 2015 •
The Healing Hut is to say the least…exceptional!! I received a mani pedi from Loni last month and was blown away by my experience. She takes her time with you and treats you like royalty. A gift certificate to see Loni for any graduate, bride or friend in your life would be a wonderful gift. Most recently I had the pleasure of getting a facial from Loni. THIS WOMAN IS TRULY A MASTER OF HER CRAFT. I have had facials/mani/pedis EVERYWHERE. She is the BEST! No one takes better care and pays true detail to their client like Loni does. Book your appointment now! You will not regret it.

 Elizabeth George reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
May 16, 2014 •
I had a terrible experience at another place getting a brazilian wax and a friend said I should try Loni at Healing Hut. I decided to give it a try one more time. I was in and out in 20 minutes and it was totally fine! I already scheduled my next appointment. If I could give 10 stars I would!!

 Lisa Silvestri reviewed The Healing Hut —
5 star
January 1 at 5:40pm •
The Healing Hut is wonderful. Professional, convenient, well-priced. Loni always makes me feel so good whenever I go for an appt. She is a beam of light. Plus, her facials are outstanding– the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time and my face feels amazing!
June 28, 2014 •

 Loni is amazing! I went in for a pedicure this week and came out feeling relaxed and pampered. Why anyone would go anywhere else is beyond me. You have to try it sometime!
– Ruthanne Hille
May 9, 2014 •

 I just had the best manicure, pedicure and lash tinting with Loni at The Healing Hut! It was my first visit and was so relaxing! The massage and such was amazing and love love love the lash tint!
– Tracy Owen
December 12, 2012 • Spokane •

 Loni is the best! I have traveled the globe and I found the best mani pedi right here in Spokane with Loni. Everything about the experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend paying her a visit at the
Healing Hut.
-Sandy Ricker
November 30, 2011 •

 Had the MOST amazing pedi & paraffin treatment on my hands today… I LOVE our lunch dates!!!! Thank U!
– Tracy Pilkinton

 Loni, thanks again for the AMAZING pedicure last week – again, I think I dozed off… SO relaxing! smile emoticon I awoke to purty toes and happy feets!
– Amanda Swan Roadruck
July 21, 2011 •

 I had the most amazing pedicure at the Healing Hut! Best ever! Thanks, Loni!
– Crystal MIller

 Jessica M. Verified
Report | 5 months ago
Loni was phenomenal!! I went to get a Brazilian wax and my eyebrows done. She was extremely professional and comforting. Her room to do the waxing was beautiful and smelt nice!! This was my third Brazilian wax but my first with her and i would highly recommend her! She was informative and personable. From the time i got in the room to the time i walked out it took 20 minutes and i did not feel rushed at all.

 Hillary H. Verified
Report | a month ago
Loni is amazing from her facials to her waxing she does a fabulous job there is not one single negative thing I can say.

 Linda S. Verified
Report | 5 months ago
Great atmosphere and service! Loni is professional, personable and efficient. I look forward to coming back.

 Kirsten B. Verified
Report | a year ago
Loni is the fastest waxer ever! Clean, professional & friendly — will definitely be back!

 Tashara K. Verified
Report | a year ago
Amazing! I have gotten waxed before so I wasn’t expecting anything different from what I already knew. I was in and out in less than 15 min. Definitely will be a returning customer!

 Grace J. Verified
Report | 2 years ago
Loni was fabulous! A seasoned professional and made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend.

 Keri Verified
Report | 2 years ago
Such a great experience! I got a mani-pedi, and it was a full spa experience! I love my nails & left feeling so relaxed!

 Marcia D. Verified
Report | 2 years ago
Fantastic Service, Great Staff, On time appt. 10/10 overall positive rating

 Laurel S. Verified
Report | 2 years ago
Loni was great! excellent waxing– she was fast and skilled and great customer service!

 Jenelle S. Verified
Report | 2 years ago
What a wonderful place. I will definitely go again. The most relaxing mani-pedi I’ve ever had.

 Jessica P. Verified
Report | 2 years ago
She was very cool she was very nice I really did like her she did a great job and I already made my second appointment with her!

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